Current Members Of The Alternative Rock Band Wild Colonials

The Wild Colonials have been a band since 1992, and the most current members of said band are Angela McCluskey and her husband Paul Cantelon, Shark and Scott Roewe. Angela McCluskey is the head singer, Shark is the guitarist, Paul plays violin and piano and Scott is adept at bass, keyboard and saxophone. The band started in early 1992 in California when Angela got together with her good friend, Shark, at a coffeehouse in Hollywood to enjoy a (more…)

Band Member Changes In The Wild Colonials

Band Member Changes In The Wild Colonials

Who Are The Wild Colonials?
The Wild Colonials are an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California. Core members Angela McCluskey, Paul Cantelon, Shark, Scott Roewe and Ian Bernard formed the group in 1992. The band was quickly signed to Geffen and then Universal Records. In recent years, new members were added to the band including Thaddeus Corea, Jason Payne and Skip Ward. Although this disrupted the initial lineup of The Wild (more…)

History Of The Alternative Rock Band Wild Colonials

The female-fronted alternative rock group Wild Colonials formed in Los Angeles in 1992. A jam session arranged by lead singer Angela McCluskey parleyed into a full-fledged musical act. Wild Colonials has released three studio albums, Fruits of Life (1994), This Can’t Be Life (1996), and Reel Life vol 1 (2007), as well as an EP released in 2007 titled Life as We Know It. The original lineup featured Shark on guitar, vocals, and percussion, Paul Cantelon on violin and piano, Ian Bernard on drums, and Scoot (more…)

Review Of The Wild Colonials Newest Album

The Wild Colonials are an alternative rock band originated from Los Angeles, California. They use a mix of guitar, sax, piano, and violin to create an interesting blend of music. The Wild Colonials were known all throughout the 1990s for their unique sound. The latest album by them is an EP entitled Life As We Know It . The Wild Colonials have went back to their roots with this special EP and it shows in their single “Vicious Circle”. There are five songs in total on the EP, one of which being an originally orchestrated cover (more…)

The Inside Scoop On The Wild Colonials

Originally formed in 1992 in sunny Los Angeles, California, Wild Colonials is an band that combines jazz, folk and alternative rock sounds together to create a truly eclectic mix of music. Comprised of members Angela McCluskey, Paul Cantelon, Shark, Scott Roewe and Ian Bernard, Wild Colonials is a unique band that uses instruments like the violin, piano and saxophone to create a vibrant sound that is unlike any other band.

Along with releasing 1994′s Fruit of Life, 1996′s This Can’t Be Life, 2000′s Reel Life Vol.The whole story can be found (more…)

Wild Colonials An American Alternative Rock Band

Wild Colonials have always had a rotating list of guest members since their early years as a jam band in an Irish coffee house. Even before the group had picked out its band name, the group was collaborating with musicians such as Leonard Cohen’s touring band. Dave King of the group Flogging Molly and members of 1980s glam-rock band Def Leppard have played with the group as well.

The group is not afraid to play with others or to play songs that were originally written by others. For example, Wild Colonials covered their friend Leonard Cohen’s ” (more…)

How The Alternative Band Wild Colonials Got Their Start

In an effort to showcase her friend Shark, Angela McCluskey ended up forming and founding the alternative band Wild Colonials. What began as a night of music in the Irish coffee house, Caf Becket, ended in a major phenomenon of an American alternative band that would move on to release two albums in their first four years of existence. In early 1992, Angela McCluskey brought together a group of exceptional musicians to show off her friend and guitarist Shark who had recently moved from New York to Los Angeles. With fellow musicians Paul (more…)

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Wild Colonials

Wild Colonials are, as the name suggestion, an American band. First formed in 1992, the founding members met during an impromptu jam session at a local coffee shop in Hollywood, California as organized by the band’s singer, Angela McCluskey. The group began meeting regularly and soon Wild Colonials had formed. Although the group’s name is indicative of their citizenship, it is also a throwback to an Irish song, “Wild Colonial Boy.”

True to their Irish inspiration, Wild (more…)